Another SMS bitlet

Mr. FoRK
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 22:27:07 -0800

$210B from SMS? Does it deliver crack or something? Short Methamphetamine


SMS, the service that lets people send and receive messages of up to 160
characters on their mobile phones, generated $3.6 billion in revenue for
European carriers last year, according to Ovum. The market research firm
expects carriers worldwide to rake in $210 billion from SMS in 2004.

About 20 billion SMS messages are sent monthly throughout the world,
researchers say. SMS is like instant messaging, except you can't tell
whether a person is "online."

One reason it's so popular in Europe and Asia is because it's usually
cheaper to send a message than to actually talk on a cell phone. Another
reason is that the technical standards that allow message transmissions are
more uniform than they are in the United States.