Another SMS bitlet

Adam L. Beberg
Sat, 1 Dec 2001 13:55:55 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Mr. FoRK wrote:

> $210B from SMS? Does it deliver crack or something? Short Methamphetamine
> Service?

Now now, 35$ per person on the planet is totally reasonable.


Me thinks they are extrapolating from the average teenage japaneese girl?
Or you may be right, they may be basing it off a crack dealer ;)

VoIP is going to completely destroy europe and asia's phone systems isn't

Picture a small French town, a 802.11z (which will have over 60 incompatable
protocols, requring a car to transport the device) routing mesh, and some
solar recharge VoIP phones. Once the patents all expire, and they wait the
standard "watch the americans f*** it all up then do it right", this should
be easily doable for a one-time cost of 20$/person, then lifetime free SMS
and local calls.

- Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg