Another SMS bitlet

Sun, 2 Dec 2001 18:02:06 -0800

Its not either or.  The phone<->Email gateways are using SMS.
SMTP on the net, SMS on the phone system.  
Think of SMS as an analog to UDP, TCP eg transport.
Its what gets used when you send/receive mail on the phone.
(Unless you are using WAP in which case you might
 have to dial up a PPP circuit to send)

The big issue in my mind is whether the addressing
is done via a phone number (a la the SMS inbox application)
or email addresses..

Today's SMS inbox applications which is present on every
GSM phone in the world (eg ALOT), is via phone numbers
for phone2phone communications.

Its funny, you mention upgrading from emailGW to SMS.
Most of the world started with SMS.  Phone2Phone SMS
is the 99% case.  Email and interacting with internet email
is relatively new.

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> What exactly is the benefit of SMS over these phone<->email gateways
> that most phones have these days? If mail vendors just expedite their
> email services then the messages could be essentially "instant".
> My phone has one of these gateways but it doesn't have an address book
> for email addresses. Typing in my wife's email address for the tenth
> time is enough to make you want to throw the phone at the wall. I kind
> of wonder if they purposely disabled the UI so that they could "upgrade"
> me to SMS later.
>  Paul Prescod