Fw: "IT" is finally unveiled

Antoun Nabhan antoun@incellico.com
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:50:36 -0500

I don't understand who the heck is writing these articles that are so 
skeptical about the need for these things. I've lived in cities for a long 
time and commuted by all sorts of methods, and I can't count the number of 
conversations I've had about this intermediate zone between walking length 
and driving length that isn't filled properly by bikes or Vespas or golf 

A lot of this is a regulatory issue - two-wheeled vehicles would be safer 
on the street if there were more of them and fewer cars, so that people 
were calibrated to look out for and occasionally yield to such things. 
(It's scary to ride a Vespa or motorcyle on the crowded, hilly streets of 
San Francisco, and I generally have a high tolerance for controllable risks 
where wheeled vehicles are concerned.) Licensing is also more difficult for 
two-wheeled vehicles in my neck of the woods. Many other countries, whose 
cities are not beset by tort lawyers and Nader disciples, have clued in to 
the notion that really tiny four-wheeled vehicles and motorized two-wheel 
vehicles are Good Things and should be encouraged, and bikes should be 
allowed on sidewalks where they won't get door-gored nearly so often.

It would also be nice if these Segways would be widely used enough to get 
CARB to shut the hell up about electric cars, which in their paradigm have 
to have the capabilities - and hence weight - of real cars, but with a much 
less efficient power source.

Now, if they would just make Segways $1000-$1500 instead of $3000. But I 
suppose that will happen with higher volume.


At 07:49 AM 12/3/01 -0800, Tom wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Tom wrote:
>--]The vids of this make me drool. I want. I wonder what the weight limit is.
>250 lbs passenger limit. Well if the new kid was not incentive enough to
>drop about 200 lbs adds to the pot. I bet I will get Ginger ready before
>they are Mass Consumer ready.
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