It's politics, not technology (was: "IT" is finally unveiled)

Damien Morton
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 13:32:42 -0500

Can anyone picture an all-mechanical segway?

>From The Register

"And anyway, they'll be banned from municipal sidewalks the split second
some 18-month-old toddler gets crushed and paralyzed for life. Teenagers
will re-jigger them, make them go very fast, and break their necks in
Extreme Ginger exhibitions in front of admiring babes, leading to
further restrictions by official killjoys. Small children will ride them
down stairs, to very bad outcomes. And dogs will chase them

"For dogs, surely, Ginger is proof of God's infinite love and
generosity. For the rest of us, it's an amusing novelty, possibly a fad,
but we don't quite see, as Steve Jobs reportedly did, cities being
designed around it. "

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> On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Russell Turpin wrote:
> --]skateboard, bicycle, and streetcar. Ginger is a neat
> --]alternative, but not a revolutionary one. The revolution,
> --]if there is to be one, will lie in the political arena
> --]of how cities manage their transportation infrastructure.
> --]
> True, even southpark  took a swing at it before it was out:)-
> Ginger has a great ideaa but there are too many older tech ideas that
> could be done to get close to Gingers sepces without a 3000$=20
> price tag.
> Somthing as simple as three wheels instead of two for scooter=20
> level stuff.
> This goes a long way to stability without needing gyro based software.
> I still think this will not catch on easily as big as it=20
> should becuse of
> the thinkshift it will require of folks.=20
> As for the politcks, its all FOllow the Money.=20
> An interesting look into this is the case of Portland City Council VS
> SkateBoarders and Scooter users.
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