It's politics, not technology (was: "IT" is finally unveiled)

Jeff Barr
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 12:51:45 -0800

I just saw a demo of Ginger on CNN, and within 30 seconds I was sure that
I had to have one. It is really cool. Reminds me of the first time that 
I saw a
Mac or a NeXT cube.


Russell Turpin wrote:

> This is from the Times article:
>  "Cars are great for going long distances," Kamen says,
>  "but it makes no sense at all for people in cities to
>  use a 4,000-lb. piece of metal to haul their 150-lb.
>  asses around town." In the future he envisions, cars
>  will be banished from urban centers to make room for
>  millions of "empowered pedestrians"
> The problem with this vision is not the lack of alternate
> modes of transportation, but the political decision of
> how to build out a city's transportation infrastructure.
> Some cities have already banned automobiles from the
> urban core. People get around fine, on foot, scooter,
> skateboard, bicycle, and streetcar. Ginger is a neat
> alternative, but not a revolutionary one. The revolution,
> if there is to be one, will lie in the political arena
> of how cities manage their transportation infrastructure.
> Russell
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