Tomwhore's Apple Aversion

Mon, 3 Dec 2001 13:41:43 -0800 (PST)

yOn Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Bill Humphries wrote:

--]Was Tom bitten by a ][e when he was a child?

Ok lets repeat this again.. I loved the ]['s , I still fire up the Emus of
them from time to time to play Karateka and some other gems. My kid uses
them at school. 

My buds and I were some of the first folks one line to get a Mac. I even
got some stuff put out by the Berkly UG early on.

Next, A freaking dream machine. Mindvox ran off of one for a long long

And with all that going for it Jobs FUCKED IT ALL UP. First he put a knife
in the ]['s heart beciase he could nto stand that it was taking
anyspotlight off the Mac. Then he closes the Mac up so tight both in terms
of dealers, developers and clone makers that he blows any chance of mac
 reaching the ubiquitos state intel/amd pcs reached.

He killed the ]['s for no good reason, shattered the promise of Next on
the alter of taking back Apple from medicore suits he let take over the
company, wrecked the Mac Clone industry for shits and grins, euthanised a
cross platform Mac OS, and now serves up consumer pap like the mp3 thingy
and calls it macaroni.

So lets see, am I a tad bit pissed that some great amazing things were
turned to ego dripping nicheshackled pablum? Yeah. Do I love ]['s macs and
nexts? Yeah.

Fell the pain.

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