IT's marketing, not politics

Gordon Mohr
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 13:53:47 -0800

IT doesn't seem to do much beyond what a motorized wheelchair or 
senior-citizen mobility cart does -- nor was I aware that 
maintaining balance was the major adoption barrier for more
conventional motorized scooters.

No, I think the bells and whistles are mostle a positioning trick -- 
to get over the stigma, but not outdo the functionality, of existing
close substitutes. 

Current 1-person motorized transports are thought of as being for 
the either infirm or kids/showoffs. By adopting a "face-forward 
standing" orientation, adding some techno-gyroscopic whiz-bang, 
and making bold pronouncements about reshaping urban transit, the
Segway is trying to avoid such pigeonholing. 

- Gordon