Cloning and Politics

Russell Turpin
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 22:00:10 +0000

Robert Harley:
>Would you consider it OK to stroll into a fertility clinic, tip over a 
>petri-dish full of embryos and squash them? ..

No, of course not. For the same reason that I wouldn't
consider it OK to walk into a hospital and discard an
organ waiting donation. In both cases, the culprit is
destroying medical tissue vital to the people concerned.

Here's the proof that the fertility clinic and the
parents consider THAT the issue, rather than the innate
rights of the embryos: After the parents have successfully
had all the children they desire, or tired of failed
attempts, the remaining embryos typically get discarded.
Fertility clinics that do in vitro fertilization dispose
of unwanted embryos constantly, as a side effect of the

>Would that be the moral equivalent of stepping on ants?
>Would their parents agree? ..

Most don't seem to mind, once they have used all they want.
People who think embryos shouldn't be destroyed should
avoid in vitro fertilization.

>Now please excuse me while I go vomit.



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