Is FoRK the world's most perverse mailing list?

Stephen D. Williams
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 21:18:25 -0500

It works like mailing lists I'm on.

You should just always hit 'group reply' when responding to a list and 
the right thing will happen.

Yes, we did discuss this.  There is no totally right answer, but if you 
use group reply and people have email systems that coalesce multiple 
copies of the same message, it works perfectly.  (Procmail has a 
standard recipe that tracks message ids to solve the latter problem.)


Andy Armstrong wrote:

>Sorry to delurk with this one which I seem to remember is an old
>chestnut, but why exactly doesn't FoRK set the reply to address
>properly? In fact why doesn't it behave like every other mailing list on
>the planet?
>I'm not trolling; it doesn't bug me that much, but as various list
>members, most recently Jeff, will testify I /always/ forget to set the
>reply address properly.