They essentially IGNORED the really BIG story...

Jeff Bone
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 22:00:37 -0600

James Hong wrote:

> What?!?! But I LIKE to sleep. If drugs like these create expectations that I
> should sleep less and work more, then I want nothing of it! :)

Yup, and that's how the social impact starts.  Imagine what happens when "your"
segment of society --- let's call them Sleepers --- begins to compete less
effectively on an economic basis, etc. with those who choose not to sleep as
much --- call them Sleepless.  The Sleepless folks at the company start having
2am design meetings that you miss because you're asleep --- oops, sorry James,
but we decided to do it this other way, you weren't at the meeting.  The
Sleepless traders get a whole lot more alert, realtime, round-the-globe trading,
opting to do their sleeping on the weekend (i.e. the period of least global
trading activity.)  The Sleepless kids in school blow the curve all to hell;
they get the scholarships, they get the prize internships, they get all the best
recruiting bites.

How long before there's an incredible rift in society --- how long before you're
*pressured* to choose Sleeplessness if possible simply because you can't compete
otherwise?  Just wait:  as soon as the public realizes the implications of this
it's a huge shitstorm.  "Sleeplessness is unnatural."  "Sleep is a God-given
thing."  Etc. etc. etc.  Bottom line, though, it'll be plain old-fashioned envy
of those who outcompete others economically.

IMO, at the end of the day humans will be Sleepless.  If it CAN happen it will,
because the competitive advantages are just too great.