IT's fashion, not marketing, not politics

Mike Masnick
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 22:28:25 -0800

At 10:54 PM 12/3/01 -0600, Pang, Hokkun wrote: 


<excerpt>RE: IT's fashion, not marketing, not politics 

<bigger>>I saw the "grand unveiling" at the gym this rainy morning on one
of the TVs</bigger> 

<bigger>there, and my first thought was "Oh my god, can't people even
*walk* any</bigger> 


<bigger>how true. i wish he invented some magic underwear that can keep
you totally cool and</bigger> 

<bigger>dry while you bike or jog.</bigger> 


Sounds like Nano-Dry, from Nano-Tex, the company my old college roommate
does research for: for their main site

Okay, so maybe it's not there yet, but I'm sure they're working on it. 
My buddy is constantly wearing "test" clothes every time I hang out with
him.  It's tempting to throw liquids at him, or try to light him on fire
just to see how well they work.