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Tom Hume
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 13:11:21 +0000

Comments on the Provigil story from an obscene psychiatrist relative of mine:

Don't know who wrote this but it's mostly bullshit for the following

 > >Provigil / (Modafinil) [1] is a "highly selective CNS drug" that is 
*on  the market today*
 > >(approved for treatment of narcolepsy, but being used more broadly) 
which creates a state of
 > >"gentle wakefulness and alertness" in its user

Yes, OK so far.

 >>--- potentially for days on end, eliminating the desire to sleep entirely.

No, patients using the drug for treatment of narcolepsy are still required
to sleep for a normal amount of time unless they wish to experience the
usual effects of chronic insomnia (loss of energy and alertness, degradation
of rection times, loss of coordination, hallucinations, etc.). And as far
as I'm aware it has NO effects at all on normal test subjects. Let me make
this clearer, if you don't have narcolepsy, Provigil will NOT help you stay
awake more during the day. As it says in the product information
"...PROVIGIL efficacy established, objectively and subjectively, in the
largest Phase 3 trials ever conducted IN PATIENTS WITH NARCOLEPSY..."

 > >And it apparently does this with none of the particular side effects 
associated with
 > >traditional CNS stimulants (caffeine, amphetamines, etc.)

According to the product information it has less side effects than these
traditional treatments for narcolepsy, but it still doesn't eliminate the
need for normal sleep.

 > >Various researchers have documented test subjects awake for 96+ hours 
with no
 > >degradation on tests designed to measure the performance impact of 
sleep deprivation. People
 > >can stay up FOR DAYS --- it's being used today by the bomber pilots 
flying from Missouri to
 > >Afghanistan.

Where are these two pieces of information from? Where are the papers
commenting on these tests? Who says bomber pilots are using it? The
address listed at the bottom of the original mail is product information
from the manufacturers. It says nothing about any of this.

 > >Interestingly, even when on the drug people *are* able to fall asleep 
if they so desire.

Yes, because they need their sleep just like everyone else.

 > >Folks, this is huge: it's the first step along the path to sleep-free 
humanity, and if you don't think
 > >elimination of sleep will have a PROFOUND impact on our society, go 
read Nancy
 > >Kress's _Beggars in Spain._ [2] Just intuitively, think about it: we 
(on average) lose about 1/3 of
 > >our life to sleep today. Just think what you could do with that extra 
hour lost to sleep for every
 > >two hours of wakefulness!

IF this is true I advise all reading this to go out and spend every last
penny they have on shares in Cephalon the makers of Provigil, because IF
it's true they will be fucking minted once the news gets out. Oh wait,
they're not fucking minted, what does that tell you.

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