IT's fashion, not marketing, not politics

Frank D. Greco
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 09:18:34 -0500

>To: 'Sherry Listgarten' <>

> >I saw the "grand unveiling" at the gym this rainy morning on one of the TVs
>there, and my first thought was "Oh my god, can't people even *walk* any

         Its not a "perfect" device for all people, no more than 
         programming is "the" programming model for all developers or
         a range rover is an ideal car for everyone.

         Factory workers
         Postal delivery
         Inventory personnel
         90% of the retirees in Florida

         And, as hard as it may be for you to understand, due to injuries
         or medical reasons, yes, some people cannot even *walk*...

         When the boomers reach old age, there will probably be many
         more potential customers.

         Frank G.
          - A military tribunal means no Johnny Cochran... think about it...

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