Stay up late

Jeff Bone
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 12:15:40 -0600

Tom Hume wrote:

> Jeff
> Breathe deeply. Exhale.
> Like I said at the head of my email, those were comments from a
> psychiatrist, not me.

The comments were addressed to the source of the dispute --- if you're the channel,
feel free to ignore them.  It's just pretty fucking irritating to get second hand
flak over some repeated hearsay.  I'm no fucking sleep experty, but I'd hope that
there's no controversy over my ability to watch Good Morning America and then put
together a summary of a story that's not too wildly misrepresentative of the
subject matter *as it was presented.*

Feel free to pass along the second message, and encourage him to dig deeper (i.e.,
obtain a transcript or copy of the show) if he'd like to debate the accuracy of the
admitted hearsay.  Or, he can take up the topic directly with Thomas Scammell, who
appears to be an Asst. Professor of Neurology at the dept. of Neurology, Beth
Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School whose specialities
include sleep Disorders and research in hypothalamic mechanisms that control
sleep.  He can be contacted at: