They essentially IGNORED the really BIG story...

Lindsey Smith
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 11:14:14 -0800

Eugene said:
> > As for how tightly integrated into our architecture sleep is, that
> > remains to be seen.  We know very, very, very little about sleep at
> > this point.
> We know that lack of sleep can kill. And not only performance.

Along those lines, the NY Times Magazine had an article on an Italian family
with fatal familial insomnia. Around middle age, the afflicted family
members suddenly stop sleeping, quickly fall into dementia then die. Utterly
frightening. And now there's a genetic test that can tell you whether or not
it will happen to you.

The full article is no longer free, but you can at least read a bit.

"To Sleep No More" by D.T. Max
May 6, 2001

D T Max reports on case of Italian family afflicted with fatal familial
insomnia, genetic disease that was not formally identified until 1986; FFI,
as disease is known, is astonishingly rare; sometime in their 50's, half the
members of aristocratic Giacomo family of Venice die of insomnia; in their
search to understand their obscure gothic affliction, they inadvertently
helped explain cause of mad cow disease; Elisabetta Roiter loes a family
member to FFI about every three years; photos of Roiter, with her husband,
and Prof Elio Lugaresi, who saw a connection between fatal insomnia and
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (L) (Special issue of Magazine, The Cure Hunters)

Lead Paragraph
In 1791, in a small town near Venice, a man named Giacomo was born. Members
of his family tended to be physically impressive, powerful and
broad-shouldered (and still are today), but one day in the fall of 1836, at
the age of 45, Giacomo fell mysteri...