ConJose Society and Politics Program Track

Meltsner, Kenneth
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 11:09:01 -0500

We've done the "email/Web: Threat or Menace?" panel too many times.  I was on one about 5 years ago.  How about "Can Fandom survive the dot-com bust?  Will the loss of overpaid net work threaten fannish travel and con running?"  Or "Rohit Khare:  Secret Master of Fandom? [Affinity when geography no longer matters.]"  Or "[rusty German]Der Tod vom Perry Rhodan: Will the Internet kill non-English SF?"

Geez, that means there's a chance I'll actually meet another FoRK person in person.  I'll be there -- my wife is the "pro" -- with kid in tow.  Look for a moderately tall bearded geek attached to an extremely active 11 year old boy.

Wait, that's not very helpful at an SF con, is it?  The beard is a dead giveaway these days when I travel for work, but SF fans are a bit behind the times.


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I'm helping out with programming at ConJose, the 2002 World Science 
Fiction Convention in San Jose ( I'm developing the 
Society and Programming Track, and therefore soliciting participants and 

Please send your ideas for program items. I'd like:

1) A tentative title
2) A one paragraph summary of the panel topic.
3) Any supporting bibliographic material (Books, articles, URLs)
4) Contact info for suggested participants.
5) Are you willing to moderate?

Please email these to a special inbox I've created:

I'll be announcing the URL for a mini-site where ideas will be listed for 
people to sign onto.

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