They essentially IGNORED the really BIG story...

Jeff Bone
Wed, 05 Dec 2001 02:04:09 -0600 wrote:

> In a message dated Tue, 4 Dec 2001  1:52:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, a cranky, sleep-deprived Jeff Bone <> writes:
> > EUGENE!  BUDDY!  I'm not going to argue whether or not eliminating sleep
> > entirely is a possibility or not, okay?  I just don't know.  Neither do you.
> > Neither does anybody.  Even the most educated folks in the matter admit that
> > we have very little understanding of sleep.
> >
>   :-) check out the members link.
> (go lucid!)

I'm a huge fan of lucid dreaming.  (Refer to antique posting about my dream journal re: my chronic sleep issues.)



PS:  Geege, remind me sometime to tell you about my adolescent Death-as-hot-goth-chick (bear in mind this was early 80s, pre-Neil
Gaiman) lucid dreams that I learned to preprogram.  Weird, eerie --- why does that archetype manifest itself that way so much?