The Development of Political and Legal Systems in MMORPGs

Meltsner, Kenneth
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 10:17:25 -0500

I think James's example supports the contention that politics is what happens when people have to work together to achieve their own goals.  As much as part of me would like to live in a libertarian paradise like L. Neil Smith's "North American Confederacy,"[*] the rest of me has enough intelligence to realize that politics is inherent in human interactions.

I suspect this sort of emergent behavior is common in any game that requires players to work together in units larger than 10 or 20.


* _The Probability Broach_, 1981 (I believe).  Recently followed by _The American Zone_ (prob. a 12/2001 or 1/2002 title), which has the dubious luck of including a terrorist-like bombing of a large building as one crisis for Smith's intrepid heroes to overcome.