I am the broadband Bermuda Triangle

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Thu, 06 Dec 2001 11:33:35 -0500

Cool!  A funny article about real life...

I have been lucky, apparently, to never have successfully had DSL 
installed here even though I've been told repeatedly that it was 
available, and then it wasn't.  Once I even had a DSL modem installed 
with a connection indication, which mysteriously stopped working and the 
explanation was that sometimes it just think's it's connected.

Note that I live 3.5 miles from AOL HQ and 2.5 miles from UUNet/Worldcom 
HQ, and <10 miles from what used to be PSINet.  I am however in Loudoun 
county (as are they) rather than Fairfax where they have had DSL and 
real cablemodems for a while.  I suppose I'll end up with a cable modem 
when they complete rennovation soon to make it two-way on my 
neighborhood segment.

I'm still using my dual-channel ISDN connection that is now something 
like 5 years old.  This being Bell Atlantic/Verizon country, of course 
I'm drastically overpaying: $130 for 500 channel hours/month (meaning I 
have to flip the switch on the ISDN router/NAT every time I'm not using 
it) and $40 for two PPP channels at a local ISP.

The latency is very low, it's reliable, and I can pull down a gigabyte 
over a couple days if I just let it run.

I suppose I'm lucky.


Mike Masnick wrote:

>Okay, so unlike some of you, I don't get published very often, so I'm not
>above blatant self-promotion when Salon publishes an article I wrote about
>my amazing powers at bringing down broadband company after broadband company: