usenet for all time

Jeff Bone
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:21:00 -0600

Lucas Gonze wrote:

> man, it gives me the willies to see my postings from ten years ago archived and
> public.

They seem to be missing some of my early r.a.poems gnartiness, thank god for that,
maybe those bits are lost forever to the swirlings mists of entropy.  One can hope,

> Even back then I was conscious of this stuff all being permanent, but,
> ow, it's still whack to see that post about the Martian Manhunter from '94
> Google up next to my name.  Overall it makes my online writing more stiff -- I
> wonder how this post will strike prospective employers in '11?  How do people
> convince themselves to use bad words on FoRK, knowing that every one is
> archived?

Welcome to the Surveillance Society.  You can't possibly be more embarrassed than
the next guy over, so it works out.  ;-)