usenet for all time

Karl Anderson
11 Dec 2001 16:47:57 -0800

"Damien Morton" <> writes:

> Cover your arse - post pseudonymously. Change pseudonyms frequently.
> Muddy your trail. Better yet, post under someone elses name.

> I do wish the fork archives had the email addresses obfuscated or
> otherwise obscured. My level of spam is reaching monumental heghts - I
> go away for a three day weekend and I come back to 100 spams.

Conflicting desires, does not compute.  You're telling me to cover my
ass, but asking fork to cover your ass for you.

Or rather, does compute all too well.  You're like me and everybody
else.  You want the advantages of a persistent identity, but not the
disadvantages.  Could everybody please forget these five posts that I
wrote in 1994, but remember these other great insights?

I say take the risk and go for it.  Build your reputation, say what
you think, or at least what you want others to think you think, become
a real entity.  If you're worried about incoming mail depleting your
resources, invest in a spam filter or a secretary, or just don't read
incoming mail, tell people to phone you.

It's like _From Beyond_.  They can see you now...

But I object to archives that mangle my email address.  I put that
address there because I want readers to be able to contact me.  I
don't want that to be sabotaged, or worse, held hostage by a
redirection server that may not be around in the future.  I don't have
a problem with people who sabotage their own addresses, but nanny
servers that sabotage my address for me, when I didn't ask?

Karl Anderson