usenet for all time

Justin Mason
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:18:51 +1100 said:

> Employers rarely check references, you think there going to do usenet searche
> s?

Well, they did back in 1992, apparently -- according to Roger David Carasso,
talk.bizarre resident and scourge of USENET back then.

As far as I know, he invented the troll trick of crossposting a troll to
alt.test and a valid group (ie. a flood of test replies to anyone who
followed up without editing the Newsgroups: line), and spent many months
trolling to his heart's content.  This went on until he hit a job
interview where the first question was, "*the* Roger David Carasso?"
He didn't get the job ;)

This is the only ref I can find though, so I guess the archive *is* patchy:!

(Bonus, aside:  most of my early posts were on a borrowed account, so
they're not under my name anyway ;)