usenet for all time

Jeff Bone
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:54:37 -0600

"Pang, Hokkun" wrote:

> how many of you knew, back in the 80s, that your usenet postings
> would be
> permanently archived and searchable?

Didn't see that one coming, nosireebob.  Seriously.  Massive forecast
failure there.

> if you knew that, would you change the
> way you post?

Hmmm...  good question.  Probably not. ;-)  I've never known when to
shut up. ;-) :-)

> the problem with google is that it captures thoughts of people
> from a time that privacy on the net was non existent.

I think this is a mis-statement:  privacy was de facto.  It was
"privacy through obscurity."  The 'Net was just a bunch of
like-minded geeks, and we didn't mind letting it all hang out because
it was all kept (artificially, as it turns out) "in the group"
through the obscurity and frictions of the technology.