IT in a previous live

Robert S. Thau
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 12:01:21 -0500 (EST) writes:
 > The machine had several major flaws which doomed it before it had even
 > been launched. It was capable of only 15 mph (a deliberate design
 > decision, as electric vehicles which could travel faster than that
 > required a licence to use). It had a very limited range which varied
 > according to weather conditions - as little as 10km in cold weather - and
 > its weight made it a struggle to pedal. Its cockpit was exposed to the
 > elements (a real problem in the British climate) and the C5 itself was
 > worryingly vulnerable in traffic. 

I walk to work, and someone else in the office actually commutes on
a Razor scooter, weather permitting.  If the Segway has a market,
we're it.  Neither one of us wants one.