IT in a previous live

Wed, 12 Dec 2001 10:23:18 -0800

Too bad quite a few of the Uni's have absoloutely no desire to accomodate
alternative transportation.  UCI was notorious for bitching, whining and
ticketing kids who rode bikes, used razor scooters or even roller bladed.
They were essentially too lazy to accomodate kids with a bike lane, but they
bitched about all of the foot traffic.  Go figure.

The other hinderance is the cost/chance of stealing factor.  I sure as hell
would have a tough time bringing something like the Segway to campus with
the knowledge that I laid down upwards of 3k for the thing, and (as of yet)
they have no protective security mechanisms.  Leaving it at the back of the
lecture hall , or (godforbid) outside is just begging for the thing to

To point out, I'm not talking from my ass here :)  Friend of mine had an
opportunity to model one of the new electric bikes that had come out.
Bitchin little thing to ride, BTW).  He had it on loan for free, but was so
paranoid someone might snatch it that he refused to bring it to school, so
for that purpose, it was unused. HE stuck with the old traditional favorite
of a less-likely to be stolen bike (his was especially garish, with big
signs and bright colors) rather than ride the far more effective vehicle
around campus.  And this was fear at UCI -- probably the least likely place
to have something stolen.

> Ah, on second read I have a little better idea what you mean. I still
> think it's going to be an attractive choice for at least a large numbe
> of people who already walk. I could see it as being /huge/ on university
> campuses, for example, where walking is more or less forced on walkers
> and kids are always in a rush to get to the [class|meeting|date] they
> nearly slept through. Your assumption is that walking is a choice, and
> that all walkers already have made a conscious choice between walking or
> using cars or mass transit. It's not always an option, and in cases
> where choosing between walking or segway suddenly is an option segway
> will be very popular (again, once it is less expensive.)
> Luis