Activerse alumni in the news

Robert Harley
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:07:42 +0100 (CET)

A company whose CEO and CTO are loony and malarkey?  Cool!
[um... Looney and Mullarkey actually, good ol' Irish names - Ed.]

Rocksteady Networks Inc.'s software targets companies with corporate
satellite offices -- including remote sales offices, international
offices and even employees' homes.  Keeping these remote offices
connected and ensuring the connections are secure can be a major

By focusing on a company's "network edge," or remote sites outside the
corporate firewall, Rocksteady's software, RockNet, enables companies
to centrally manage their remote sites, connecting them with the
company's core network with secure wireless network access.

"We build software that goes in all those remote locations and
connects those remote sites to a company's network in a very secure
way," says Kelly Looney, CEO of Rocksteady.

Sounds a bit like the work we (ArgoTech) are doing with another start-up
(Mailwatcher), except that instead of doing firewalls we're protecting
Lotus Notes content when it goes from one Domino 'domain' to another,
typically between separate branches of a company.  For instance Air France
has four hundred domains (mostly lots of little agencies) and wants to buy
lots of licenses.  We're doing that part and Mailwatcher is doing a
compression module based on gzip.  They already have archiving functionality,
user quotas, etc (bought in) and work with Trend Micro's anti-virus software.
Should be a nice package when its ready, at least if you do Notes.

Hey, Rocksteady's logo (
is a bit like ours too, minus the cool star thingie.

>"It's a lot more fruitful to deal with customers than spend all your
>time dealing with potential investors," Looney says. "I think the key
>is to determine what you believe in yourself, then go find the people
>that agree with that -- whether they be investors or employees or customers."

ObFeelGoodStatement, check!

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