usenet for all time

Karl Anderson
12 Dec 2001 18:03:12 -0800

"Pang, Hokkun" <> writes:

> well, we have enough people who were around before www, aol, yahoo etc.
> how many of you knew, back in the 80s, that your usenet postings would be 
> permanently archived and searchable?

I wasn't on the net in the 80s, but I've always known that if I say
something in a public place it might get repeated.  Especially, if I
spew bits and don't even know who's reading them, I don't expect to
regain control over them later.

> if you knew that, would you change the
> way you post? 

I figured as much in the 90s.  It did change the way that I posted.
Not enough, sometimes :)

> the problem with google is that it captures thoughts 

you mean "public statements"

> of people
> from a time that privacy on the net was non existent. it also broadens the
> readership of the original posts were intended for.

Intended for?  You don't know where those bits are shooting off to.

If someone indicates that their words aren't meant to be spread, I'll
respect that, but this is the opposite.

Someone took a post that I sent to fork-noarchive and published it on
the web (blogged an image of his mail reader with my message in it,
there's a hint about who it was.  Eventually the URL got FoRKed into
the archive).  I didn't think that that was appropriate, since the
destination explicitly meant that it was meant to be lost from
history.  I wasn't that surprised, though.

Karl Anderson