Corporate transparency (was: MS remedy, usenet for all time)

Gordon Mohr
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 16:01:26 -0800

Russell Turpin writes:
> Gordon Mohr writes:
> >Hmm, not ready to take that step for everyone, but maybe
> >it could be considered as a Microsoft remedy -- 100% corporate 
> >transparency.
> Why just for Microsoft? Would it be good or bad for
> the economy if corporate transparency were instituted for
> all corporations? One could argue that corporate secrecy
> is one of those practices -- like theft and overuse of
> common goods -- that is beneficial to each individual
> business that practices it, but harmful to the economy as
> a whole. It is so entrenched that daring to raise the
> question garners automatic and immediate heckles. But.
> But. 

On *could* argue? Hell, we both just *did* argue this, 
a little over 3 months ago...

I guess the meta-consciousness is picking up old derailed 
trains of thought.

- Gordon