Power, Vision, Culture, and the Sixth Circle

Rohit Khare Rohit@KnowNow.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 12:01:26 -0800

1) I'm embarassed I haven't been following the Avanti case since 2000 
-- a ton of fascinating developments in EETimes' summary this year.

2) I don't understand -- sounds like Gerry's only flaw was not being 
egotistical *ENOUGH* -- to say that he don't need nobody's stinkin' 
code to build his company, that he could shit better products than 
Costello could bake :-)

It's a fine line between benevolent dictatorship and fascism. The 
great thing is: *it's ONLY a company*. In society, in politics, Gerry 
sounds like a demagogue worth hounding out of public life. But a 
company? C'mon, just quit. Don't treat it like family. Even if the 
founder does (that nepotist bastard! :-)

Remember, in shareholder capitalism, it's still not the shareholder 
who makes the rules. We actually have managerial capitalism, and the 
dilemma of agency remains as stark as in the 17th-century invention 
of Joint Stock Companies in the first place: You can pay the bills, 
but you can only hire and fire the manager. Beyond that, he's got 
your nuts in a vise.

"Lifetime executive transport for Jack Welch" my ass!