Humanity, and why my cynical view has reformed ... a little
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 06:44:34 EST

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> Humans do provide for small miracles.  I've met a variety of folks (at
> the sushi bar that I regularly frequent, and went to today, I
> conversed with folks of such varying degrees, and unbelievable
> similarity, that I couldn't help myself from admiring them all), and I
> want to meet more.  The slow idea that people aren't al the same,
> aren't all predictable masses that I was taught in school to believe
> -- that they function independently, simply and beautifully as pieces
> of a very large puzzle - these ideas make me realize why my cynicism
> kills.
"Of the younger wines, the elegantly stylish 1997 Goldeneye was easily everyone's favorite.  To my taste, the Pepperwood Springs Estate '97, though quite different, was its equal.  But it was a controversial wine with an earthy, woodsy aroma lurking behind its bold Pinot Noir front.  Those who like the clean, straightforward fruit more typical of California denounced it rather heatedly as a flawed wine.  But then there are those who can look at an El Greco painting and see only the artist's alleged astigmatism."

Gourmet, February 2000