Jim Whitehead ejw@cse.ucsc.edu
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:26:12 -0800

> To open a word document on a webdav server using web folders, you
> have make a local copy... that's because they're a shell extension.

This actually isn't all that different from the caching strategies employed
by network file system protocols, which typically either cache the first 8k,
or, as I think is more the norm these days, the entire file is cached.

> That said, I think comparing WebDAV to filesystem(protocols) is
> off the mark?
> Do you agree or disagree? Is making WebDAV a filesystem a goal?

My personal goal for WebDAV/DeltaV is to make the Web a high-quality object
management infrastructure for remote collaborative Software Engineering.

But, since many people are using WebDAV as a network filesystem protocol,
and appear to be solving real-world problems by doing so, it begs multiple
(a) how different is DAV from existing network file system protocols
(b) how might DAV be modified to better accommodate those clients that use
it as a network file system protocol

- Jim