The New McCarthyism

rudy rouhana
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:21:04 -0800 (PST)

> Robert Dogium, a spokesman for the FBI in Houston, says the visit was a
> routine follow-up on a call "from someone who said there was some
> material or artwork that was of a threatening nature to the President." 
> He says it was no big thing. "While the work there was not their cup of
> tea, it was not considered of a threatening nature to anybody or
> terrorism or anything."

That's what we pay the Secret Service to do.  They assess threats made upon the
President and follow-up accordingly.  While I'm sure some threats aren't
filtered as innocuous and end up having agents show up personally, given the
amount of threats they probably have to investigate I'm sure they do a
reasonable job.

For the record, I haven't heard anything like this from my friends that put up
the site

I'm SURE the FBI has seen it and has used common sense to identify it as an
artistic, free-speech site.

> "I've been talking a lot about the parallels between what we're going
> through now and McCarthyism," says Nadine Strossen, president of the
> ACLU. "The term 'terrorism' is taking on the same kind of
> characteristics as the term 'communism' did in the 1950s. It stops

No, communists in the 50's didn't slam any commerical jetliners into major U.S.

> people in their tracks, and they're willing to give up their
> freedoms. People are too quickly panicked. They are too willing to give
> up their rights and to scapegoat people, especially immigrants and
> people who criticize the war."

I'm not willing to give up a damn bit of my rights.  And to prevent having the
rights of AMERICAN's taken away I'm more than happy to see anyone without
citizenship, who is here as a PRIVLIGE have to go through some scrutinity, and
even detention.

If they don't like it, they can go to....oh wait, most every other country has
even harsher restrictions on visitor's rights in their country. 
> Attorney General John Ashcroft is rounding up or interrogating thousands
> of immigrants in what will go down in history as the Ashcroft Raids. The
> FBI and Secret Service are harassing artists and activists. Publishers
> are firing anti-war columnists and cartoonists. University presidents
> are scolding dissident faculty members. And rightwing citizen's groups
> are demanding conformity.

This is such BS.  How many American citizens has he detained?  Heck, how many
people that have been detained were even at Green Card status?

And how come everyone that was bitching about "Tribunals" hasn't said a peep
ever since Bush and Ashcroft stuck to their word and decided a tribunal wasn't
even appropriate for that terrorist who just got assigned to the conventional
criminal court system for his roll in Sept. 11th?

> I'm glad I live in San Francisco and not some other part of the country.

I'm glad I live in Texas where Dianne Feinstein can't try to take away my right
to keep and bear arms.  BTW, check out who is sponsoring all the new
"BioTerrorism Readiness" bills...Some Lefty from Georgetown was on MSNBC today
talking about how "compasionate and caring they're going to be" should be
people's focus, not about how they can quarantine an entire city, force you to
be vaccinated, etc. etc.


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