The New Alarmism

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Gordon Mohr wrote:
> No one was told to do anything, or to stop doing anything. No
> one was told they could expect more visits.

The followup on the student, even after the tip was shown

> - What did you find objectionable about the agents' behavior?
> - What indicated a "clear attempt to intimidate"?

1. Showing up outside of normal hours at the museum.  (They could
   have come when it was open and gotten their information
   (just by looking at the exhibit) without showing their badges,
   disrupting routine, or disconcerting a citizen.)  Not going
   away when refused entrance without a warrant.  Asking additional
   personal questions after the tip was shown baseless.  Following
   up with a subsequent telephone call likewise.

> - If a brief, cordial visit is "fairly clearly illegal",
>   what law does it break?

Forty minutes in your doorway after being told 'you can't
come in' doesn't strike me as being either brief OR cordial.
It *does* strike me as intimidating.

> Many people who have gone on to kill have first given off
> clues -- in their statements, writings, and other expressive
> acts -- that they're readying themselves for violence,
> often in the service of some real or imagined cause.

Many governments which have gone on to suppress/oppress the
citizenry have first given off clews..
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