The New McCarthyism

rudy rouhana
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 09:41:11 -0800 (PST)

--- carey <> wrote:
> first off, gotta love how everyone who questions the actions of the
> administration is a lefty... *sigh*

I call'em as I see'em.  If it was Buchanan or O'Reily criticizing the
administration as they do I wouldn't have called them a lefty...

> > For the record, I haven't heard anything like this from my friends that
> put up
> > the site
> Give em a few weeks.

It's been up over a year....
> She said 'term' not actions.  THere is no comparison between the Communists
> and the Terrorists in action. Period.  BUt how they are being treated is
> strikingly similar.

And while we can accept that McCarthyism was not necessarily a good thing, they
same argument can't be made against what is happening today because no
communists during the 50's killed 3K+ Americans in one fell swoop.

> > I'm not willing to give up a damn bit of my rights.
> You already are.  Go ahead, read a few of the new  laws that have been

> I wonder if you'd feel the same way were you one of the many who are here,
> in that situation.  Probably not.  You know, unless you were here before the

Wrong.  I would feel even more STRONGLY in favor of what is going on.  When
you're an immigrant trying to become a citizen you know (or should) that you're
not on the same level as those with citizenship as it pertains to employment
opportunities, consequences of actions, privacy, etc.  The doctor from San
Antonio that was detained for 2 weeks because he knew one of the terrorists
didn't bitch in the slightest.  He thanked the FBI for doing their job so well.

And you know what, whether you won the lucky country lottery and were born
here, just got your 1st passport last week, or who whose lineage descends from
native doesn't freaking matter, you're all equal when it comes
to your citizenship status.

H1B's, foreign students, etc. aren't.  Why is it so hard to conceptualize that
this category of people who are VISITORS to our country would have go through
some hassle?

I'm more than willing to have new laws and restrictions placed on that category
as opposed actual American citizens.  And yes, I know those laws are being
passed that are f'ing with my rights...for example, the lefty that wants to
quarantine me in a city if someone somewhere decides that there is a case of
small pox...


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