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Morbus Iff
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:17:13 -0500

 >Xbox, Game Cube, or Playstation2

I'm biased. I own a PS2.
This is a disjointed email.
Tons of things going on.

I was a huuuge Nintendo fan forever. Generically, it's "what kind of games 
do I want to play?". Nintendo largely targets itself at a younger audience 
than PS2 owners or Xbox desirees.

 >My kid wanted the xbox, but a colleague tells me that his son thinks that
 >it isn't going to go anywhere--they're losing money and the gaming
 >community says that Game Cube is the way to go.

Technically speaking, the Xbox has the better stats of all the machines. 
The gaming community may have *said* that the GC is god, but they haven't 
been echoing it. The Gamecube has sold about 600,000 copies, the Xbox about 
900,000, and the PS2, being out the longest is at 1.4 million. See for these stats (link escapes me).

A lot of people complain and choose systems based on "exclusive games" - 
that Halo is EXCLUSIVE TO THE XBOX, WHOOO! Sure, it may be a exclusive, but 
they really mean "launch exclusive" - more than likely, games are always 
ported. In the newest PC Gamer, the editor mentions that Microsoft's 
something-or-other said Halo was indeed coming to the PC.

Then there's always the Microsoft factor. I can remotely justify Microsoft 
intruding on my work. I'm not sure I like the fact that they can mess with 
my entertainment too. This, however, is a stupid "Microsoft is evil" 
argument, and should be dissuaded. Face it: most games that MS has released 
/ published / distributed are insanely good, from Age of Empires, to 
building smashing Flight Simulator, etc.

 From a gamer's point of view, I'm a bit torn. The fact that the Xbox 
includes the DirectX API means that games created on the Xbox are easily 
ported to the PC (and vice versa). This will only help gaming in the long run.

The flipside is that MS has never done this before. They're the new guys, 
and allegiances run deep. I started with the NES, went straight through the 
N64, and when that started sucking (shortly after launch), I went to a PS, 
fell in love, and am now a big Sony nut (the PS 2 is hooked up to a Sony 
TV, a Sony DVD, and a Sony VCR). If Sony had a portable mp3 player, I'd get 
that too.

Nintendo lost my interest due to the age group the games were intended for, 
and the abysmal failure (in my head) of the N64. Microsoft loses me because 
of the irrational "MS controls you" fear.

I have a PS2. I am not disappointed, at all. With native games like Metal 
Gear 2, SSX (and Tricky), Dark Cloud, Gran Turisimo 3, Ico, FF X, and all 
the other neat crap coming out, I have no desire to leave them.

Halo isn't *that* much of a pull for me on the Xbox. It's really nothing 
more than a typical shooter, that you could get with decent Half-Life or UT 
mods in the PC world. And the only other launch game of any interest to me 
was the newest Oddworld, and that simply wasn't enough to justify the cost.

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