The New McCarthyism

rudy rouhana
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 13:45:02 -0800 (PST)

> So next TIME you have the HUMONGOUSLY IMMENSE PRIVILEGE to be in, say
> FRANCE like in those NICE PHOTOS on your WEB SITE, you won't MIND if

You're damn right, it was a privilege to step off the plane and breath in the
smoke of French citizens standing next to the no smoking sign in the airport. 
But even as aromatically pleasing as the smoke was, it couldn't deliver the
same satisfaction of an explosion as the police blew up someone's purse that
they left by the phone.  Welcome to Paris...  As far as being detained, while
I'd be pissed at putting myself in the situation, I travel with the concept
that things like detention are possible.  You're naive as hell if you don't
realize then when you step foot out of the U.S. all bets are off.  Whether or
not France, or any other country for that matter extends the rights of their
citizens to me when I'm there, I'm intelligent enough to know that if the sh1t
hits the fan, whatever laws that are on the books that supposedly extend to me
are going to be disregarded.

For the record, my passport says United States on it, not United Nations.  So,
when it comes to rights, given limited resources I put those of fellow
Americans above those of visitors to my country.

As for being elitist, what's the minimum deposit required to become a Swiss
citizen these days?  Is it still $10 mil or an Olympic Gold medal?  What year
did women get all their voting rights taken care of over there...1991?!

By the way, what's the rate of exchange at the Swiss banks for gold and silver
tooth fillings to the Euro?


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