Game Q

Justin Mason
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 17:07:00 +1100

Tom said:

> Given the facts in the matter Ill take an AMD based system with a new
> geforce, tons of ram, a soundblaster live and a nic hooked into my
> network.

But in my experience of the last few years playing games on Windows, I've
found that buying a new PC game is not quite the "plonk CD in slot & boot"
console experience.  Instead it's "plonk CD in slot, try to play, Direct/X
crash, download updated drivers, tweak settings for a day or two, then
finally get to play".  Nearest thing I've found under Windows, to running
a non-doze OS ;)

That's assuming your hardware is latest-and-greatest enough to keep up
with the game's requirements.

Consoles are pretty low-maintainance by comparison!