Game Q

Justin Mason
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 11:59:34 +1100

Tom said:
> Now, about your antis on the PC...I already have one set up. I also know
> how to upgrade directX as do most AOL users, its really not that hard. I
> also own a whole slew of games, about 15 years worth, that all still run
> on the PC I have. I can also upgrade my PC without having to scrap it
> altogther and buy a new one.

Heh, just playing devil's advocate ;)

Yeah, I'm pretty fond of PC gaming too, even when my home PC isn't quite
up to scratch and I have to splash out on a new video card to play my
latest purchase.

Also I reckon it depends heavily on the games you're playing.  FPS's are
particularly hardware-demanding it seems...

I do reckon consoles are valuable for the 99% of casual gamers, who want
to play something graphics-intensive and quick (ie not long-running
strategy games), and don't own a PC purchased in the last 12 months, or
(shock horror) may not own a PC.

> I can also use my PC for other things,
> something consoles are still struggling with (remeber giving modems to the
> sega genisys?)

Still happening!! The continual "this console will connect to the net so
you can play games online. really, this time. and not just in the regions
we pick, ie. Japan" crap you get from the console vendors.

> I guese its all a matter of wether you have the testicular fortitude to
> DIY or not.
> Also, youll still need a PC and a burner to warez games:)-

*And* you have to cope with whatever proprietary non-standard
bit-twiddling the console vendors have done to block warez. problem! ;)