RSS for Dummies

Jeff Barr
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 22:59:35 -0800

Come on down to

We have over 3800 verified live news feeds, with another 1500 on deck
awaiting approval. The Syndic8 poller visits each site every 6 hours and
measures freshness (number of new headlines), quality (site availability
and responsiveness) and more. We hand-check (using tools on the site)
each and every feed before approving it. We are working to assign
categories to all feeds, using a model which allows each feed to be
categorized against one or more categorization schemes (e.g. DMOZ).

We also have a documents collection (
with links to all kinds of great syndication-related documents. You will
probably find what you need there.

There's a complete XML-RPC interface to the site

Finally, we are collecting a list of sites that we would like to see 
We hope to let loose a squad of Syndic8 "evangelists" to approach these
sites, teach 'em about syndication, and get their feeds into our database.

You can also join the [syndication] and [syndic8] lists at Yahoo Groups.


Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>So, where should I look to learn about RSS?