Random mental thought

carey carey@tstonramp.com
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 23:21:26 -0800

Hello forkers,

Its strange.  During the holidays you tend to expect a reduction in
the number of emails and such you receive (or at least I do).  What I
didn't expect was to get nothing.  Or damn near nothing.  I think over
the past 6 days, my box count went from 50+ a day to ... oh maybe 6.
STranger still, the porn/spam ads diminshed by a huge amount.  PErhaps
the spammers really are human.  *Shudder*

Its strange.  In a way, I miss the fullness of an email box.  I miss
the chance to delete a good 50% or more of my mail, and to watch my
filters work overtime.  It sort of sucks to get nothing.  I feel
unwanted, unloved.  Its like the horny teen bitches just don't want to
let me know how horny they are.  And Prince Abdulla from Kenya refuses
to inform me of how I can save the country with monetary offerings.

Sure, a few scant FoRK bits pop in once every few hours, but even the
FoRKers have all turned to lurkers.  Or it could be, and this is far
more likely, that I'm entirely too bored, and seriously need to get
laid.  I've found myself drawn to the email... hoping and waiting for
some strange response from the ether that I'm still connected.

I should just be outside.

Or drinking.

I'll go back now and wait for my email to pop up in the mail client.
That is all.


Best regards,
 carey                          mailto:carey@tstonramp.com