KnowNow, Web Services, Dr. Dobbs and all that

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 07:54:49 -0800

Dr. Dobbs, the first journal for tech geeks first published in
1976 (and according to my failing memory--briefly went under
for a time circa '89 or '91 before relaunching in it's
current form), has always been the premier developer magazine
that cuts to the core of implementation techniques and tricks.
Until I moved recently, I had every single copy from about '81-'89
stored away not wanting to lose those programming insights if
I ever had to do something like interview at MSFT or reprogram
the WOPPR in War Games.

Included in the January 2002 issue is Dr. Dobb's Roadmap to Web
Services.  As far as I can tell, it's an event, not a gluey
insert with platinum sponsors by .NET, IONA, Asset Inc., and

Gold sponsors include, NeoCore, .nsoftware, IBM, Roguewave, Sonic
Software, BEA, Addison Wesley, EarthConnect, Rational, and O'Reilly.

One of the most brilliant marchitecture diagrams ever mad sits
right in the middle.  The left-brain half includes the .NET
connected to some legacy system; the right-brain half includes
the J2EE connected to a different legacy system.  There's
lots of alphabet soup flying around and a little yellow triangle
in the middle that talks about green, white, and yellow pages
using a UDDI server with xml/SOAP (lowercaps XML, uppercaps SOAP).
Addison-wesley attributes the poster to Frank P. Coyle, and it's
actually a really cool poster.

In case you didn't know what white, yellow, and green mean
in UDDI:

   White pages: WP contain service provider names and business descriptions.
   Yellow pages: YP arrange companies by geographical location, make use
      of government industry codes for tagging business types, and specify
      protocols used by a web (lowercase) service.
   Green pages: GPs provide more specific information about available documents,
      entry points for transactions and the technology needed to interact
      with the listed web service.

Following that, there's a special advertising section from all of the
platinum sponsors describing in detail how they do this starting with
Anders Hejsberg from MSFT with a Gartner Quad chart on how they compare to
HP, IBM, Sun, Oracle, some J2EE versus ASP.NET benchmarks, some
detailed WSDL examples, and the description of the XML and development
tools surrounding it.  In the tradition of Dobbs, very, very detailed oriented
to the point you get the feel of building a real Web service using the
MSFT tools.

The KnowNow ad is titled "Implementing Web Services <it>Today</it>" and
is written by Steve Dossick and Rick Caccia. The summary goes like this:

Page 1:
    Using Asyncrhonous, Event-Based Messaging to Create Real Web Services
    o Integrating Web apps is what Web services is all about
    o Lots of alphabets involved in Web services, but really just need HTTP and XML which are
      already in place
    o GM of .NET has a quote on app reusability
    o Web services more useful than other distributed technologies because of simplicity, universality
    o Result will be service-based applications
    o Developing today, need to understand what's really out there now
    o HTTP is ubiquitous for netowrking
    o XML is commonly used for data
    o SOAP is growing as a messaging standard with support by Sun and MSFT
Page 2:
    o WSDL is growing as compared to CORBA IDL, but not widely available
    o HTTP(Apps)~millions > XML(Apps) > SOAP(Apps) All totaling billions of $$
    o Nifty marchitecture diagram with a dreaded cloud in the middle
    o Web Services will address integrating multiple points of application logic
    o Asynchronous messaging and event publishing make it easier to add apps later
    o Think ahead and don't fall into another Y2k trap
    KnowNow HTTP Event Routing
    o KN's software unifies development models using pub/sub
    o pub/sub works like its name implies, but has had scaling limits for the Web
    o KN uses event routers to overcome this scalability using POST and GET
    o Nifty diagram of isometric KN event routers
    o Real-time inventory example
    o KN uses standards including URLs
    o Any app speaking HTTP can use KN including WebLogic (odds on bet that KN gets
      gobbled up by BEA)
    o Message format is open and can use routers for transformations
    o Routers can also provide filtering, aggregations, without know implementation languages
    o Communication can be router to router and be hierarchical
Page 3:
    API and Microservers
    o KN uses client-side microservers with publish(), subscribe(), unsubscribe()
    o disgram with JMS and Javascript interface
    An Example: Integrating Web Services with KnowNow
    o Smallco example that's on their Web site
Page 4:
    o Smallco example continued
    o Web services will succeed where previous technologies have not as it's simpler
    o Pub/Sub and Internet-routing delivery models will scale now and in the future

Chief Architect, Director of Product Management email contact info.

The next ad talks about IONA/Orbix E2A and they give a quite
from the CTO of centered around collaboration processes
and reducing order fulfillment time.

Overall, pretty cool seeing such a large layout spread for KnowNow.
Quite a surprise seeing it in show up in Dobb's.


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