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Gregory Alan Bolcer
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 10:19:33 -0800

Ad Critic shuts its doors; cites cost.  Looking
to leverage access to advertising professionals
as key asset for entertaining acquisitions offers.

All time greatest Ad site. Following's
shutdown, the only place left to get free videos will
be, Kazaa, and flycode.


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<> is a leading consumer web site focused on research for the Television and Radio Advertising 
Industry. Our Highlights:

     * Over 200,000 active, registered users
     * Solid, Recurring Traffic Levels
           * Currently: 300,000+ page views / 35,000 uniques per day
           * Peak: 32.5 million videos streamed, 1.8 million unique users in 1 week (January 2001)
     * Number One Ranked Advertising Industry Web Site*, with over 40,000 advertising professionals visiting 
every month**
     * Emerging Research Business with over 10 months of development on products
     * Over 100 active Advertising Agency clients
     * Major Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders

             If you are interested in acquiring, please include your phone and e-mail contact 
information, a background on you or your company, and your interest level, in an e-mail to us. Interested 
parties will be contacted by phone, and may be requested to sign an NDA.

* Joint AdWeek/ Survey, Nov 2001
** Internal Logs and Registration
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