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<b><center><font color =3D "#C300C0" font size =3D "+2">The Education Fina=
ncial Aid/Scholarship E-Book</font></b><BR>
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<b><font size =3D "+2" color =3D "RED">A Comprehensive Research Tool:</b><=
<li>Links to over $50 Billion in education grants and scholarship programs=
<li>Degree programs, cost and financial aid information for over 10,000 ed=
ucational institutions. <BR>
<li>Links to the Federal and State Agencies governing Education Aid.<BR>
<li>Guidelines to help you understand the Financial Aid Process. <BR>
<li>Details on the various Types of Aid available. <BR>
<li>Helpful tips on How, When and Where to apply. <BR>
This <b><font color =3D "red">valuable tool</b></font> gives you fingertip=
 access to research information and <font color =3D "red"><b>saves</font><=
/b> you<br> months of research time.<br><BR>
It teaches you about numerous <b><font color =3D "red">financial aid</b></=
font> resources and how to use them <br><BR>
to reach your educational goals.<p><BR>
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