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<FONT size=3D2> <html><BR>
<b><font size =3D "+2" color =3D "#44C300">Government Grants E-Book</font>=
 (2002 Edition)<p><BR>
<font color =3D "red">Interested In Starting Or Expanding Your Own Busines=
Want To Develop An Invention Or Fund A Research Project?<p><BR>
Need Personal Assistance With Medical, Job Training Or Everyday Expenses?<=
The Federal Government Offers 1,425 Assistance Programs Which Disburse<br>=
Billions In FREE Government Grants And One-half Trillion In Procurement Co=
<font color =3D "Red">FREE MONEY</font> That Goes To People <font color =3D=
 "Red">JUST LIKE YOU!</font><BR><BR>
<font color =3D "blue">The Key Is Knowing Where and How To Apply <br><BR>
That's Where We Can Help.<br></font><BR>
<br><font color =3D "red">ANYONE</font> can apply for a Grant from 18 year=
s old and up!<Br><BR>
<font color =3D "red">(You must live in the United States of America)</fon=
<p>Grants from $500.00 to $50,000.00 are possible!<br><BR>
GRANTS don't have to be paid back, EVER!<p><BR>
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