Open source optimizes everything, even things no one cares about...
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 10:06:21 EST

In a message dated Sun, 30 Dec 2001  6:14:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Adam L. Beberg" <> writes:

> What? you say all the open source projects suffer from NIH too? And there
> are dozens of XYZ projects, so none of them will ever quite be done because
> everytime one gets going good everyone starts a new project to do XYZ
> because they are actually just bored and looking for Alpha status in a
> group, any group, so they can try to get laid (like any good male primate
> does), not really concerned about making it work the simplest and most
> elegant way because that isn't the point at all?

(so many possible responses, so little time . . .)

1) damn, where did i put my Alpha Male Tester kit?
2) all these years i've been getting laid FOR FREE??
3) let's all chip in and buy adam a virgin
4) Toxic Sperm Syndrome and Its Effects, by Adam L. "Duncan" Beberg
5) Adam, meet Carey
6) :-)
7) The Importance of "Jobs," by Everymale I. No

Adam, ol' chum, a tip: rewrite your weirdo darwinism!