Python to bake-in XML-RPC support

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:12:17 -0700

This is funny. I got this three times (and I'm not on any
of the CC userland lists) as well as the Python one(s).   As the current keeper of the
world's smallest open source Python VM, I'm obviously a big
fan of keeping the Python core as small and conceptually simple
as possible.  

Why just XML-RPC and SOAP?  I like Guido's comment the best, if you're
going to do that, why not do WebDAV too?  

Does anyone have any accurate numbers for XML-RPC and/or SOAP


Dave Winer wrote:
> I just got a note from Eric Raymond saying that the Python community [1] has
> decided to bake XML-RPC into its standard distribution. He said:
> "Fredrik Lundh's xmlrpclib was checked into the CVS tree for Python 2.2 this
> morning after about the fastest and most unanimous endorsement I have ever
> seen on python-dev.  I am writing the library documentation even as we
> speak."
> As often is the case Python leads the way. This is a major milestone for
> XML-RPC. It's also very important to emphasize [2] that any scripting
> environment can be competitive with Microsoft .NET simply by taking this
> step. There are already 37 implementations [3] of XML-RPC covering most
> programming and scripting environments and operating systems. I would also
> like to see SOAP 1.1 broadly supported in non-Microsoft environments. When
> support is built into an environment, developers can assume it's there, and
> will more likely use it in their applications.
> Now which environment will be next?
> (I'd love to see Sun take this step with Java.)
> Dave
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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