How can this be justified?

Jeff Bone
Sun, 30 Sep 2001 21:15:08 -0500

Wayne E Baisley wrote:

> > The culprit, IMO, is any ideology (meme) which pulls together and
> > motivates groups of individuals as superorganisms and grants them
> > a sense of moral superiority.  I think I've been fumbling around
> > this thesis for a long time rather clumsily.  To the extent that
> > we empower superorganisms to act adverse to the interests of any
> > individual it should be done carefully and minimally.
> I presume the morally superior fools behind the Declaration of
> Independence, Magna Carta, et cetera, would meet with your scorn?

Many of those documents are much more pragmatically constructed than
ideological in nature, though this may not have been by design.  The
places where they (with respect to the American inception documents)
are ideological by design are the pieces most open to
(mis)interpretation and consequently least practical in application.