Blind Geronimo (was Re: Will we ever not be at war?)

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>>Double ditto.  It also bodes ill for the country's ability to sustain 
>>morale and
>>support if goals and objectives aren't clearly set...  this feels a lot 
>>more like
>>Vietnam on some dimensions than, say, WWII.

I was predicting something more like Korea with a gradual escalation into 
Vietnam. however, I'm afraid that the Shrubs are too poll driven. That 
means that they will escalate this and fast--if they believe that they can 
give spectacular NintendoWar. Why? Because the antiwar movement is growing 
and getting vocal. Demonstrations are getting a lot of support from people 
who don't participate, but agree. Time revealed some plan to drop food aid 
prior to the attacks. Interesting, since somebody writing for Zmag 
predicted as much (1)-- as a way to appease peace movement.  This is much 
like the pre Gulf War game show, except quite a bit more uncertainly since 
we hadn't actually been attacked. Anyway, given what Daddyo Shrub 
experiences, i suspect that they want everyone mobilized behind Enduring 
Freedom (2). They'll have to start dropping bombs soon. They can't do it 
doing Ramadan. It would be bad for business to do it during Dead Guy on a 
Stick Shopping season. Winter is pretty inhospitable and they'd look bad. 
So, it's got to be soon. And, if that means risking strike backs, so be it, 
as Ashcroft has made clear.


(2) Quote of the Day: quote of the day:

""Infinite Justice", trial name for Desert Storm II, was rejected after
a couple days as the laughingstock of the literate.  Now it's called
"Enduring Freedom".  Once certain proposals beloved of certain jackals
are shat out the anus of congress, we won't have to do much enduring
of freedom any more.  It is considerate of them to relieve us of that
unwanted burden in this time of Infinite Stress."

p.s. to Jeff: I've been tossing your idea for Islamic court around here and 
there...utterly no response!  damn!