[Geeks] William RIvers Pitt: "Ignore This" (fwd)

Stephen Williams sdw@lig.net
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 09:25:22 -0400

Nick Seidenman wrote:

>On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Stephen Williams wrote:
>1,000,000 Afganis DIED as a consequence of our pissing contest with the
>Soviets there.
>I think we've fucked them over sufficiently well.
Point taken, however I wouldn't claim total culpability for the US. 
 It's usually not that simple.  What about the millions that died in 
Iraq (during and after the war)?  Should we have just let them overrun 
another country to placate them as we did with Germany?  Wouldn't it 
possibly become a bigger problem with even more costs?  All of our 
reactions are informed by past conflicts, but of course the situation 
isn't always exactly similar.  It's hard to do better and easy to apply 

We've tried to be isolationist before twice and ended up with literal 
world wars.

>>I've heard a bit from those that don't want to do anything apparently 
>>since it will likely involve some civilian casualties.  I can't see how 
>>anyone could imagine that that would save lives in the long run.  These 
>>crazy fundamentalist groups want to wipe everyone who doesn't agree with 
>>them off the face of the Earth...
>But enough about Falwell, Robertson, et alia ...
These guys always drive me nuts and are really an afront to rationality, 
but until they start advocating, planning, and/or funding genocide, 
they're not at the same level as the 'militant islamics'.  (Anyone that 
provides such support and encouragement to abortion clinic 
bombers/snipers absolutely Does fall into this category.)  They are to 
some extent the 'civilized' equivalent and for that they should be 
vilified.  Their broadcasts blaming our securlarity and morality for 
causing this problem was the sickest thing I've heard.  I hope it haunts 
them persistantly from now on.


>-- nick
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